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Two Line Paraboles


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Thought let me post a few two-line paraboles that occured at various points in the last few years.

Has anyone heard of this invention called two-line paraboles? I’m pretty sure I can apply for patent. Any contenders, revert at the earliest.

Definition: Two-line paraboles are the female equivalent of one-liners, which is a male thing.Anatomy prevents women from hitting the mark as sharp as men.

An epitaph for myself: Here lies a woman who stopped two inches short of being the bitch. She didn’t have the strength of character to go the remaining distance.

Fools rush in and have a blast. Angels hesitate forever.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. From there the danger increases exponentially with the level of knowledge.

I know these sound like dark thoughts. I hope to come up with upbeat stuff in subsequent posts.


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Living with Compromise

Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati playing chaupar

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I guess I’ll feel better after writing this.Try looking at it standing where I am.

So here I’m, desperately combating senility, on my nth effort to start a blog and get it going. Finally, I think I have found stuff I’ll be able to write regularly- or at least randomly-about. Finally I think I would be able to play audio from my blog without having to turn it into a video file, something I’ve wanted for a long time. Now I can happily start posting away to my share of cyber immortality.But wait, what about the title? Child’s play to the more imaginative blogger, but not so to someone as verbally challenged as me. Sure, stuff that sounded nice to the ears did pop up, but nothing that connects with the nature of my ramblings. Much brainstorming later, I find something that made sense and sounded good too.

Climax-anticlimax if you will- now. That title I thought fitted my blog to a T, even as Parvati and Siv, word and meaning, is taken. Taken- like it happens for men who’re rich, handsome, not gay and not too shy.

But why? Here it is. The Kitchen Philosopher. Woe upon me, I can’t see the connection between title and content. Can you? Too late, anyway.

Now what’s THIS BLOG to do with kitchen or vedanta, you may ask. No connection with kitchen or vedanta per se. Kitchen vedanta is the translation of a Malayalam word ‘adukkalavedantam’ (adukkkala= kitchen) coined before the time of women empowerment and politically correct speech.

So that’s where it fits. No more than ramblings about books, music, life- could be anything as long as it is strictly impractical.

Come to think of it, I shouldn’t really feel bad about this. Someone else thought this was a good title too. And the guy has got style- I must give it to him. But god, what two unlike people to think up the same title!

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